Monday, July 19, 2010

Let the Learning Begin

In less than one month, I will pack up my most necessary belongings (read: Star Trek DVD's), fly across the Atlantic bidding adieu to Uncle Sam, and land on the Queen's soil ready to begin my year long adventure in England. Thanks to my uber-organized better half, preparations have been rather seamless. Tickets- check. Visa- check. Travel books- check. Flat- ... Flat? Bueller? Well, that is almost a check. Life is good, and with Europe's artistic and cultural history (as well as its laissez faire attitude towards bikini tops) at my fingertips-- it can only get better.

I do, however, find myself in a bit of a dilemma. While I've been chomping at the bit to begin exclusively using the word "brilliant" as the lone superlative in my vocabulary, it has recently occurred to me that being an American outside of the United States is something of a responsibility. One Mary Poppins reference too many and I've condemned my fellow countrymen to a lifetime of bad international PR. I'd be no worse than the sweaty, Hawaiian- shirt-wearing tourist, who stands in the Sistine Chapel talking about Adam's "twig and berries."

No. For the sake of 234 years of liberty, I will not be "that guy." I will learn to curb my inner chimney sweeper. I will learn to appreciate Premier League "Football." I will learn how to be an ambassador of good will, as if appointed by Obama himself! Even in situations wherein I am treated rudely, I will learn to smile, and reserve the term "Limey Bastard" only for when I am caught off-guard by a particularly tart Sprite. I will...

Learn a lot I'm sure.


  1. I look forward to watching you learn it! You both will have an amazing time- England is incredible!

  2. Your girl looked beyond gorgeous in total turquoise with mucho high red shoes at the reading in the Clarke, Monday night.... Gia